• Les Amis de Candel
    c/o Madame BELFORT CANDELORO Marinelle
    23, rue Albert Lebourg

    As a member of this fanclub you will be kept informed about Philippe's performances in your area. Be able to purchase various articles such as T-Shirts, photos, and posters. You will also receive a membership badge.
    To join - you may write to the above address for information ( I might note that if you do, when they reply the first time they will send you the photocard that appears on the glossary section of this website ) or you may send them 100,00 frf and 2 identity photos. Include your Name, Address, Country and Birthdate. Payment can be in the form of Postal Order or International Money Order.


  • Candeloro International Sport Management
    22 Avenue des Renouillers
    92700 Colombes

    I also wrote this fanclub the same day as the above and have yet to receive a reply ...

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